Aden's Drawing and Quote
Ursula Kolbe, author

Undoubtedly being an artist influences how I watch and write about children’s play with materials of all kinds.

Forty years ago as an artist-teacher in an innovative preschool in Winnipeg, Canada, I had the chance to create a studio space for children where I could begin to put ideas into practice. On returning briefly to my hometown, Cape Town, I was invited to write a guide based on my Winnipeg experiences for teachers at an early learning centre. While I didn’t know it at the time, this little guide was to become the starting point for my future writings about children and how they respond to invitational qualities in materials.

Once in Sydney I became a lecturer in early childhood art at the Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University. This position also enabled me to work with the educators at Mia-Mia Child and  Family Study Centre, the inspiring source of material for much of my writing, films and videos. Subsequently participating in three international study groups visiting the renowned preschools and infant-toddler centres of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy was an unforgettable experience that continues to shape my thinking profoundly. Some years later, on leaving academia and with two young grandchildren to observe, I felt free to write from the heart.

Recent titles:
Children’s Imagination: Creativity Under Our Noses (2014)
Published by Peppinot Press

It’s Not a Bird Yet: The drama of drawing (2005)
ISBN: 978-0-9757722-0-1
Published by Peppinot Press

Rapunzel’s Supermarket
All about young children and their art, 2nd edition (2007)
Published by Peppinot Press