Ursula Kolbe, Artist

Ursula Kolbe

Solitary Knight I

Solitary Knight I – 21  x 14cm Gouache, ink on Arches










My new work is a subjective and emotional response to what I’ve learned about whistleblowers: witnesses willing to stand up against violations of civil liberties and fight for transparency, accountability and justice. Persons willing to sacrifice their former lives.

My starting point was reading Lucas Delattre’s inspiring book about one of the most significant whistleblowers of modern times, A Spy At The Heart of The Third Reich: The extraordinary story of Fritz Kolbe, America’s most important spy in World War II. Fritz Kolbe was my father-in-law.

Through images on paper that suggest an abstract landscape of the mind, I explored ways to evoke the dangerous, labyrinthian and clandestine world of whistleblowers such as Kolbe, but also Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, “John Doe” of the Panama Papers and others less known, even unknown. Images that I hope encourage viewers to engage emotionally with ideas about whistleblowers.


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